The Sinner’s Soiree debuts as thrilling new SoCal haunt from Drunken Devil Productions

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Drunken Devil Productions has produced its first haunt this year titled ”The Sinner’s Soiree” at The Think Tank Gallery in Los Angeles. For a first year production, I was quite impressed with the overall haunt. It was very clear that this young company is passionate and serious about haunting.

Everybody loves an iconic monster and Drunken Devil Productions has done a great job creating one with their character of The Drunken Devil. Considering this is their production company name and not simply the title of this years haunt I will assume that the Drunken Devil will be a recurring character in all future haunts. At least I hope he is. When you think of a traditional Wicked Witch a lot of people will visualize Knott’s Scary Farm. When you hear Jack the Clown you think of Halloween Horror Nights. Now when you hear Devil you may just think of this new haunt from Drunken Devil Productions if they play their cards right and continue to develop the Drunken Devil’s story.



The haunt is a traditional walk through maze on the second floor of an old gallery. Descend into the infernal world of the Drunken Devil, where you will encounter a menagerie of twisted, monstrous manifestations of vice and depravity. Can you escape from the underworld, or will you drink with the Devil for all eternity? One of the nice things about this haunt is that it creates an individual experience for the guests. Guest go through the haunt in small groups and there are a limited number of tickets sold each night in order to avoid the infamous conga line of people going through haunted mazes that we often find at larger events.


If you do survive the underworld you can then enjoy the rest of your evening in The Devil’s Den featuring a lounge and bar inspired by Mardi Gras. Twice a night guests can catch a Burlesque show in this intimate lounge.

So go ahead, grab a drink and get drunk with the Devil if you dare.

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