The Incredible Hulk Coaster closes at Universal Orlando, changes on the way

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Things are going to start getting quieter around the Universal Orlando Resort, but it has nothing to do with their fast pace lineup of upcoming attractions and experiences. One of the signature attractions at the Islands of Adventure theme park is getting a MARVELous makeover; The Incredible Hulk.

A few weeks back, the official Universal Orlando Resort blog gave notice that September 7th would be the final day of operation for the world famous coaster, with enhancements taking place that would bring about new ride vehicles, storyline, and an overall greater experience for the guests. Those are the only few details that have been released, with more promised from them over the coming months.


The Incredible Hulk coaster is famously known for a few things, like the initial indoor launch that thrusts riders through a gamma-ray accelerator at 40mph, upwards of 110 feet into the air, and reaching top speeds of 67mph. Though most noticeably, it’s the unique ROAR that can be heard as ride vehicles travel along its 3,700 feet of steel track. Twisting along, it boasts a maniacal 7 inversions that give the rider the sense that this experience was no doubt forged by the hands of the raging Hulk himself. With no word on what will change, we’ll have to see how the setup changes. Will we still enter into the laboratory of Dr. Bruce Banner? Will he still be on a quest to reverse the effects that brings out the raging green monster?

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  1. Gerard Doyle

    Any idea how long it will be shut? Visiting in June/July 2016!

  2. Steven

    I am guessing that this is the beginning of the end of Marvel at Islands. They are going to retheme, starting with the HULK to the Nintendoland!

    1. EricJ

      I don’t want to jump on the wishful thinking, but yeah, this isn’t a good sign for Universal–
      Marvel’s starting to be isolated at Uni if Disney can’t get their hands on it, which could be making it a liability. IOA can’t expand new characters like Thor or the Guardians, and the Spiderman ride and stubborness are the only things keeping the area’s reputation alive.

    2. Robert Harlem

      Universal has confirmed that it is returning as an enhanced “Incredible Hulk” please see the sentinel article

    3. Dallas

      Nintendo is going to the Studios, not IOA. Marvel is not going anywhere.

      1. Benjamin

        How about Nintendo will replace Toon Lagoon?

    4. Benjamin

      I hope it better be.

      1. Benjamin

        I mean going close down Marvel.

  3. Frostysnowman

    Well dang, I was there last weekend and if I had known Hulk was about to close I would have ridden it one last time. I just didn’t want to wait in line. My loss!

  4. Benjamin

    I really hate how Universal decided to keep Marvel to their Florida park. Because I know Disney can do something with Marvel to thier parks, not Universal because Marvel is part of Disney’s world since 2009. And I can see why Universal can’t use Disney stuff to their parks.

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