Fresh Eyes Friday: Do Disneyland Like a Foodie – Breakfast Edition

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It used to be that if you wanted a decent bite at Disneyland, you had to bug out to White Water Snacks for an epic pile of nachos. In the last five years, though, the parks and hotels have become bona fide food destinations, drawing crowds to carts, windows, and restaurants around the property just to eat. If you’re one of those folks for whom food is the main attraction, get ready to give us your two cents. We’re munching down from the very beginning.

When you wake up to another great, big, beautiful tomorrow at the Disneyland Resort, the recipe for a glorious morning begins with the ultimate breakfast fantasy. From beignets to bacon, foodies, this one’s for you. Rise and shine for Disneyland’s very best breakfast bites.

Disneyland’s beignets are only okay, but Tiana!

But first, what makes a menu item “for foodies,” anyway? For our purposes, we’re going to call it a meal that presents at least two of the following culinary qualities: decadence, uniqueness, excellence, and renown. Each of these suggested daybreak dishes does the trick on its own, but the real treat is enjoying them at Disneyland.

Savor the Savory

A nice, savory breakfast platter can get you through the entire morning and afternoon, so it’s a good move to make if you want serious fuel for fun.

Start your food journey at Disneyland Hotel’s Tangaroa Terrace. While the days of the grilled, cinnamon-spiced oatmeal cakes are sadly gone by, a new player in the breakfast game is now upping the authenticity ante: the Loco Moco. Never tasted this Hawaiian classic? Hamburger, rice, brown gravy, and a fried egg make it the perfect second breakfast or elevenses.

Since short rib anything is pretty much amazing, waste no time checking in at La Brea Bakery for its Braised Breakfast Short Rib Hash. You don’t even need to enter the parks to sample this Downtown Disney delicacy, and you won’t miss the usual corned beef when the light crisp of this beef melts in your mouth.

Never mind the melodies of Main Street, charming umbrellas, adorable bistro chairs, and fresh carnations. It’s Carnation Café’s breakfast food that has been setting it apart for ages. Their classic Eggs Benedict is rich and mountainous. It comes with beautiful sliced potatoes and a perfectly restrained hollandaise. It even looks pretty.

carnation cafe
It’s a good idea to make a reservation if you want to get some of these in your face.

Sweet Love

There are many more amazing options for sweet morning magic than can fit in the confines of an enjoyable article on the topic, so these three should get you off to a yummy start if your foodie preferences are of the breakfast variety.

First, try Tangaroa Terrace’s spin on a new standby. Their Tropical Fruit and Yogurt Parfait is sophisticated and tropical, featuring plenty of house-made macadamia nut granola, a sprinkle of toasted coconut, and diced kiwi with pineapple and mango (it’s got strawberries, too). Bonus: as this little gem resides in the refrigerator case, it’s available all day long at the Disneyland Hotel, not just until 11:00 a.m. Aloha!

This next one is for the truly committed. You’ll have to pay for and suffer through an entire character breakfast buffet, but your reward will be Goofy’s Famous Peanut Butter Pizza. A favorite for its kiddie appeal and gobs of peanut butter, this taste sensation boasts a brown sugar-infused crust with peanut butter and jelly topping. And it’s not just for young’uns. Anyone who likes to kickstart the day with a healthy dose of sugar will be very, very happy. Find it in Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel.

Finally, head into Disneyland’s River Belle Terrace. This beautiful spot has great food all around and is overlooked at all times of the day, including breakfast. Especially in the morning, its outdoor seating is fresh and sunny, so stake out a spot and then get to the wonderful work of enjoying. For the sweetest breakfast treat in the parks, don’t mess around. Go straight for the Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Feel free to pawn the silly eggs and sausage off on your mealtime buddy; you’ll need as much room as possible for the CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. Better yet, plan to go with someone who prefers the savory stuff, order two servings, and keep all the fabulous French toast for yourself while your pal polishes off the rest.

Looks like an extra side or two of frosting is definitely in order.


Disneyland Resort knows how to make a lot of Mexican food. It’s some of the best fare available for visitors, so don’t be shy.

Start with the basics at Steakhouse 55. They make some mean Huevos Rancheros, straightforward but classic for a reason. Fresh pico, guac, and sour cream make a tasty trio of accompaniments, and you couldn’t ask for a more posh (and yet relaxed) place to eat it in. Breakfast at Steakhouse 55 is totally underrated. It also makes for a perfectly affordable swipe at the luxury you know you deserve.

Downtown Disney’s Uva Bar gets a little more adventurous with their breakfast menu. Order the Chilaquiles for a satisfying mix of chorizo, eggs, and spicy crema on a bed of tortilla chips. The chips can get a little soft under the steaming ranchera sauce, but far from becoming a bland blend, the individual elements retain all their unique flavors and textures.

Finally, Disneyland has a tradition of making tamales at Christmas, but you don’t have to wait that long to taste them. If you’re in DCA, stop at Flo’s V8 for a Chicken Tamale Breakfast. [Pro tip: remove the corn husk and put it aside. It’s for cooking in, not eating.] This meal comes with a helping of scrambled eggs, some pico, a ton of yummy salsa verde, and a side of awesome Disneyland fruit – which pairs nicely with the savory meat and veggies.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.11.24 PM
If you’re eating breakfast inside a park, go ahead and “rope drop.” Get there before it even opens and try to be among the first to enter. It’s exciting to do every once in a while!

And there you have the ultimate foodie breakfasts of Disneyland! Check back over the next several Fridays for lunches, dinners, snacks, desserts, and drinks too! It’s going to be a festival of food.


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