Scream-A-Geddon to feature 6 haunted attractions across 60 acres in Tampa for Halloween 2015

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A new Halloween event is coming to Tampa in 2015 called Scream-A-Geddon, opening September 25th.

The new “horror park” will feature six haunted attractions with a Monster Midway spread over 60 acres of forest, including carnival games and a variety of food and drinks, including beer.

Creators say the park will include “Hollywood special effects” and “interactive elements.”


“Being an independent Halloween horror park allows us to stretch the boundaries of what customers have come to expect at the more ‘corporate’ Halloween attractions in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas,” says Mark Bremer, Creative Director at SCREAM-A-GEDDON. “Victims who want a more interactive, intimate and terrifying haunted experience will be thrilled when our facility opens this fall.”

Bremer previously helped to create the Indy Scream Park in Indiana, which features a similar setup and list of attractions.

Scream-A-Geddon will run through November 1st. Their web site is, though limited details area available right now.


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    Do you think there is anything to this new “Scream a Gedden” haunt? A few years ago there was a similar announcement for the same type of park in Seffner, Florida. We drove over on opening night only to find a vacant field with a couple of shacks only to be turned away by the police saying that nothing is going to be there. Then two years ago in Hudson Florida, my neck of the woods, the same kind of announcement was put online only to find another vacant field on opening night. I no longer believe these last-minute announcements. I think if anyone knows it will be you. Hope to hear from you.

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      I work at screamageddon and it is definitely a real thing! I have personally gone through all of the houses and we have something that not a lot of people have! We have an interactive house! Where if you choose to, you can be touched and grabbed by the actors in the house! It is definitely a great thing to go see! We are open rain or shine, so check out the schedule on definitely worth taking a look at! It also has a description of what each house is supposed to be like!

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    Dade City is not “Tampa.”

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    sure to bring the house down in a heap of bubbles! Opening sets are by SLO favorites DJ Lytic, DevRun, and Nasty Nate! The heinradels are the quirky and original Sex Ray Vision; known for their amazing

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