Jurassic World Raptor Encounter debuts at Universal Studios Hollywood, encouraging dinosaur selfies

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Riding on the continued hype of “Jurassic World,” this week Universal Studios Hollywood debuted a walk-around Raptor Encounter experience in the Jurassic Park area of the theme park’s lower lot.

After much commotion, a raptor emerges from its paddock, seemingly well trained to pose safely with park guests – though trainers are always on hand in case anything goes awry, frequently striking the now-famous ‘PrattKeeping‘ pose:

(Video by Mike Celestino)

The raptor walks around on its own and makes plenty of noise as it roars and barks while showing off its impressive jaws.

Universal Orlando premiered a similar experience, keeping its raptor tucked away while guests pose for photos.


  1. Steve

    Seriously impressive combination of costuming and animatronics…

  2. Andria1988

    This is the coolest attraction at the theme park !

  3. Sherri

    I loved the dinosaur, however I don’t know if it was the voice or the overly dramatic acting, but the girl annoyed me. This would have made me walk away! I understand it was supposed to look terrifying, but the acting needs to be better.

  4. akydo

    I was trying to focus on the Raptor. i keep getting distracted by the Girl with the Bad Acting or Just a Bad Script they gave her,you be the judge. She was Annoying. i felt like she was acting more for the kids then the adults.

  5. EricJ

    Now THAT’S what Disney was trying to do earlier at Animal Kingdom, when they were copying the YouTube guy’s costume. 🙂
    Still, nice to see that Jurassic World sparked a little activity over at “the Island Next to Harry Potter”.

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