Exclusive Preview: “Figment” comic series 2 #1, Dreamfinder heads home to Epcot

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Figment and Dreamfinder make their return to the Journey into your Imagination attraction at Epcot in the new “Figment” comic series 2 #1. In this exclusive preview for Inside the Magic readers you will get the first glimpse of their long awaited return. We also have the first look at the classic cover variant by artist X Atencio

“Figment 2” will be written by Jim Zub and penciled by Ramon Bachs. The new mini series will have Figment and Dreamfinder in the modern world and they’re going to discover that a lot of things have changed in their absence. The legacy of dreams and imagination they left behind more than a hundred years ago is greater than they ever expected, but they’re going to find it hard to live up to their own legend. The sequel mini-series will come this fall to Disney Parks.

figment 2

figment 4fignemt

figment 3

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