Tour Guide Tuesday: Best Spots to Stay Cool At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Continuing with our “places to stay cool in the summer” theme, we head over to Hollywood Studios this week.  Again, I will talk about spots where you can sit down in air-conditioning and take a break.  I will also highlight the best places to wait for friends and family who may be enjoying nearby attractions.

Starting in a clockwise direction from the entrance, the first attraction I will mention is Star Tours. Due to the potential for motion sickness, this ride certainly isn’t for everyone. Like many Disney attractions, it exits into a gift shop. At the top of the ramp, where guests disembark from their flights, you will see a metal bench. This is a great spot to wait for your friends and/or family. You just have to time it so that you aren’t walking against the flow of a recently exited Starspeeder.

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Star Tours Exit
Star Tours Exit
Bench Near Star Tours Exit
Bench Near Star Tours Exit

The next air-conditioned spot for a break is a short walk from Star Tours and is actually connected to the Sci-Fi Dine-In restaurant. I’m speaking of the Writer’s Stop coffee shop. This is a great little place to enjoy a quick snack. There are a handful of tables and chairs in the back, and even some fun books to peruse while you are relaxing. If you are looking for a delicious treat, I highly recommend the carrot cake cookie!

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The Writer's Stop

The Writer’s Stop

Writer's Stop Seating Area
Writer’s Stop Seating Area

Around the corner from the Writer’s Stop is Pizza Planet. This giant counter-service restaurant and arcade has plenty of seating and is only “full” during mealtimes. Most of the morning and mid-afternoon you will have no problem finding a seat for a quick escape from the Florida sun. I recommend heading upstairs for the best shot at open tables.

Pizza Planet
Pizza Planet

Our next stop is going to be across the park at Walt Disney – One Man’s Dream. This is a great place to enjoy some Disney history while staying cool at the same time. If you walk all the way through the exhibit, you will find a small waiting area with benches just outside of the Walt Disney Theater. You can take a break on one of these benches, or better yet go into the theater and enjoy the movie about Walt’s life. Either option gives you air-conditioned seating.

Walt Disney - One Man's Dream

My favorite cool place at Hollywood Studios is not far from One Man’s Dream. It is the Magic of Disney Animation building. There are many great places to sit in air conditioning here. You will find small benches in the room with the “Oscars.” There are also benches throughout the main floor where guests meet Mickey and play with interactive exhibits. Finally, you can find a handful of benches in the waiting area of the movie about how animated characters come to life. Again, you can simply stay seated in the waiting area, or go inside and enjoy the presentation.

Disney Animation building

Last but not least, I want to mention the best place for a break on Sunset Boulevard. If you have never gone to the Tower of Terror, you probably wouldn’t know about this spot. If you walk through the gift shop at the exit of the attraction, you will come into the area where you can purchase on-ride photos. There are several nice benches to sit on here. Also, if you go a little deeper into the ride exit, you will find cement benches cut into the walls near the area where guests disembark the terrifying elevators. This is a great spot to wait for brave loved ones who are daring enough to ride.

Tower of Terror
Tower of Terror

I have one more park to talk about in this “stay cool” series. Stay tuned for Animal Kingdom!

I hope you enjoy “Tour Guide Tuesday.” If you want additional tips while you’re in the parks, WDW Guided Tours is happy to help!

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