The Great Movie Ride gets a timely update at Walt Disney World, now presented by Turner Classic Movies

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In the past week The Great Movie Ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios made its transformation into being presented by Turner Classic Movies with updated signage, a new pre-show movie and finale movie montage. With the Chinese Theater now being much more of a central icon for the attraction it is nice to see that both the outside and inside of the ride is getting some attention.

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There is now a lot of signage outside the attraction featuring the TCM logo but not so much that it takes away from the attraction itself.

The queue has also gotten new interactive additions like animated movie screens that switch between different posters and the Great Movie Ride logo.

Walking further into the queue you get to the room that used to be the host to a 20 minute loop of different classic trailers.  Now instead we have a new documentary style look at movie genres throughout time presented by Robert Osborne, Turner Classic Movies host. He is also the new host for the pre-recorded spiel that the ride now features. Don’t worry though, the cast members are still there providing some of the fun by being a part of the show.

Entering the ride we also see a change in the marquee in the loading area. Previous title being “Journey into the Movies” have now changed to “The Ultimate Celebration of Classic Movies” presented by TCM.

This is the only change you will see inside the attraction except for the new movie montage ending. The the new montage  now features lots of updated movie clips but some old classics are still in there. The Robin Williams clip remains, but Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Frozen, Tangled and much more have been added.

The new updates aremnot just reserved for the attraction, a new photo opportunity has also showed up right outside the exit. Taking a nod from the Hollywood you can now get a photo looking like a star making their classic hand prints.



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