PHOTOS: Mr. Gold from the TV show “Once Upon a Time” gets sign and window display at Walt Disney World

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The popular TV show “Once Upon a Time” from ABC showcases all of our favorite fairytale’s in a new and different light. The villain Mr.Gold has continued to play an integral part in the show for its 4 seasons and he now have gotten his own window display and sign at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios park. Unfortunately this is just a store front and not an actual store but it is still nice to see a reference to the show in the parks. The window display is located on the Streets of America at Hollywood Studios.

Thanks to Matt Dobrovolsky for pics.


  1. Kim

    They need to build the Storybrooke town!!

  2. Mary

    Aren’t the Streets of America a possible area for expansion for the Star Wars Land? Seems like a waste to do this.

    1. EricJ

      “The”? Like you’re saying some plan actually exists? 😉

      (Remember, people: Fan-Nagging is how we got Stitch’s Great Escape, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and Frozen at Epcot Norway. NEVER AGAIN.)

    2. Amanda

      Nope. they have plenty of space to expand. if they were to jump over to streets of america, muppett theater would be right in the middle of star wars land

  3. James

    Is it permanent? Please let it be permanent!

  4. Shane

    ALright, now a Rumpelstiltsken meet-and-greet is required. He’s an incredibly fun character that would be great to see in the parks! Regina wouldn’t be bad either.

  5. Sunny

    A Storybrooke land would be fabulous!

    1. Ali


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