Exclusive: Figment and Dreamfinder appear in new Marvel teaser image

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Today we exclusively received an interesting teaser image from Marvel featuring Walt Disney World’s famous Journey Into Imagination duo, Figment and Dreamfinder:

They seem to appear as carded action figures with the classic Epcot attraction logo on the “package” but this image could mean just about anything, as it arrived without any context.

What do you think is coming? Comment below!


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    How about a re-work of the ride where figment and dreamfinder are toys that come to life through imagination?

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    Joe Littrell

    The recent Star Wars and Secret Wars comics from Marvel have included Action Figure variant covers in this style by artist John Tyler Christopher (http://comicbook.com/2015/03/25/exclusive-star-wars-4-action-figure-variant/). I’d say that this is the first sign of a second Figment mini-series from the Marvel Disney Kingdoms imprint.

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      Kenneth Leeming

      My thoughts exactly.

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    Jeany Sanchez

    How about a re-work of the ride where Figment and Dreamfinder are toys that come to life through imagination also?

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