Dream Finders – An all-new documentary about finding the magic & living the Disney dream

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Filmmaker Anthony Cortese from Silver Pin Studios has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a whole new type of Disney documentary, all about Disney fans.

“Dream Finders” will be about Disney magic and how it has inspired people to go for their dreams.

The documentary will feature Legendary Disney Cast Members as well as some of the most respected and successful professional Disney fans in the industry who have left their desk jobs and begun living their dream by turning their passion of Disney into full time careers.

Anthony was the creator of A Day in the Life of Walt Disney World, a 10-minute time lapse video that was beautifully shot throughout the parks. Now he’s applying his filmmaking talents to his new documentary.

“Like many Disney super fans, I have spent endless nights surfing through YouTube, NetFlix, On Demand, etc. for anything related to the Disney Parks and resorts,” explains filmmaker Anthony Cortese. “Something that would “scratch that itch” that always occurs after returning home from a trip to Walt Disney World.  That itch that has us dreaming of returning to the magic.”

Cortese said he felt like there was something missing in the vast library of Disney videos. “We all have seen the endless promotional DVD’s, that have been re-hashed over and over again, yet it seems there never anything new and fresh that can make us feel like we are back in the parks with our friends and family.  A story that will touch our hearts.”

Kickstarter contributions will be used to hire a small camera crew to complete this story in the Fall.  Additional interviews will be shot as well as sweeping steadicam shots, fireworks, attractions and more. Overnight accommodations, food and park admission will be provided for the camera crew.  Lighting and additional sound equipment will be required.  Rights to the music used in the film will also need to be covered as well as additional post production costs.

Backers of the Dream Finders Kickstarter project can get exclusive rewards such as a limited edition DVD, IMDB credits, dinner with the cast and crew and a chance to attend the wrap party at Epcot.

For more information, visit the Dream Finders Kickstarter page.

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