Date Nite at Disneyland: Fake a Group “Prom” at Downtown Disney

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It’s spring in So Cal, and that means legions of teenagers are donning tuxes and gowns, splitting limo rides twelve ways, and making their way to the Disneyland Resort for prom, that soaring height of young hopes and angst set to music (and usually tears). Let’s join in on the fun.

Of course you’ll set your fake prom night at Downtown Disney in motion by staging elaborate “promposals.” These days, asking your dates to attend the rite with you is an event in itself, and to capture the flavor of a quintessential promposal, you’ll need a few things: homemade signs, a popular public place (like Uva Bar, perhaps), and someone to record the moment so it can go viral (this last element is VERY IMPORTANT). Good luck!

The exact “how” of a promposal is obviously deeply personal and symbolic of the lasting relationships you intend to have with your prom dates.

Once your dates say yes to the biggest and best date night of their lives, change into your wardrobe for the evening. There will be legit groups of actual prom attendees wandering Downtown Disney, so feel free mix right in with your fashion for the evening. Why not opt for something from the convenient Disney line of special occasion formalwear?

From the Royal Maidens line of Disney bridesmaid dresses.

Or bring a hint of Disney to your accessories?

This guy is all buttoned Up and ready for fake prom.

Start off your Downtown Disney prom night with photos. No need to drop serious cash on a confusing photo package. Five or ten bucks per couple will do you right at the AMC Theater. In the theater lobby, snuggle into the photo booth with your dates and pose away. And hey, since it’s a wild and crazy night, nobody would stop you from sitting two or three rounds apiece in the booth. Take as many pics as you care to, and don’t even worry about how many wallet-size prints your friends might want. It’s all about you and your dates remembering this night forevah.

Don’t get sidetracked by actual movies. You’ve got serious dancing and dining to do.

It’s time for the grand march. Seeing and being seen at prom is probably the best part, so don’t miss out on this old tradition. To participate, simply gather your group and walk arm in arm as couples through the entire length of Downtown Disney and back. You might even take detours into the hotels to catch sight of other prom couples (real ones). Feel amazing.

You and your posse should definitely drink in all the attention as you parade through The DTD.

For dinner on your fake prom night, head to the balcony at Catal. Make a reservation for about 8:15 and plan to linger. Start with drinks and appetizers (house sangria and bacon-wrapped medjool dates), and don’t order your meals (filet mignon with grilled asparagus) until you’ve finished this first course. Let them completely clear the table before you order desserts, as well, and consider following dessert (a few pots of chocolate fondue) with coffee to really make it stretch. Why the delay until 9:25? Fireworks. Viewable from your table. Boom. Literally. Boom.

Fake prom is fake, so it includes drinkin’!

What is prom without some dancing? Thankfully, the ESPN Zone Stage has got you covered. Bands play hourly sets starting at 6:00 p.m. Final sets begin at 10:00 p.m., so make sure you get there in time to create all the fake prom memories your hearts need.

They are totally dancing and not working out with the cast of Newsies.

When you’ve danced holes into the soles of your shoes – and not a moment before – consider some post-prom partying. Be like the bad kids and get a hotel for the night. Maybe head over to House of Blues for some rock ‘n roll rowdiness. Or, if everything has gone well with you and your date, just end the evening alone on a sweet, starlit stroll.

If you’ve done your fake prom well, Downtown Disney will be empty by the time you’re ready to say goodnight.

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Photo credits: Downtown Disney Sign by Matthew Hansen and World of Disney Michaela Hansen, both of

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