MegaCon 2015 cosplay more colorful than ever with huge Disney, Marvel, DC gatherings as convention expands in 2016

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MegaCon 2015 recently took place in Orlando, drawing tens of thousands of pop culture fans to the Orange County Convention Center. Though the event was filled with big name celebrities and a plethora of merchandise, it was – as always – the cosplay creativity that took center stage.

Across three days, fans donned inventive and colorful costumes often acting in character while posting for plenty of pictures. Our photographers were there to capture the whole event, as seen in hundreds of photos in the slideshow at the bottom of this article.

But first… our annual MegaCon cosplay videos! Last year’s “I am MegaCon 2014” video has drawn a staggering 15 million views to date, and still rising. This year’s video is even more exciting – and features more than 10 minutes of cosplay fun. Check it out below and pass it around!

Video: I am MegaCon 2015 – Costumes, Cosplay and Disney in Orlando

Of course, at each MegaCon event fans gather for huge cosplay meet-ups for those dressed as characters from the same universe. Marvel and DC are naturally among the biggest, but Disney is growing fast at MegaCon, largely thanks to it being held in Orlando – home of Walt Disney World. Hundreds showed up for this year’s Disney cosplay meet-up, which included a fun introductory moment featuring none other than Captain Jack Sparrow being chased by a gaggle of crazed Disney Princesses. Watch it all unfold in the video below.

Video: Huge Disney cosplay photo meet for MegaCon 2015

It’s been announced that in 2016, MegaCon is changing hands to a new company which is expanding the event to 4 days at the end of May. The longer event and date change to a holiday weekend will surely draw larger crowds with even bigger celebrities headlining the convention. See you in 2016…

Photos from MegaCon 2015:
(Photos by Michael Gavin, Melissa Allebach, Ricky Brigante, Corinne Andersson, and Robert Bearden

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