Date Nite at Disneyland: Venture outside the parks for restful adventure at the Disneyland Hotel

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disneyland hotel

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If you and your steady need a date night at Disneyland but don’t currently have the cash for making memories on the other side of the gates, the Disneyland Hotel holds all the magic and romance of the parks for basically free. You’re welcome.

Island Getaway

Sometimes things are popular for a reason. Trader Sam’s is amazing and should not be missed on any trip to the Disneyland Hotel, especially on a date night visit. Exotic plants, flickering tiki torches, and nightly, live, Hawaiian music are just the beginning. Order yourselves some addicting Chinese long beans and a couple of HippopotoMai-tais, and toast to another fabulous date night while you enjoy the island life. Or, if you’re on a double date, sit inside and watch what happens to the already-charged atmosphere when you order a Shipwreck or an Uh Oa! To keep it cheap, go for one of the fancy, booze-free blends. The Skipper Sipper has muddled mint! Because keep that breath fresh, daters.

To linger for $0-4, snag a table in front of Tangaroa Terrace, in the area conveniently indicated by a velvet rope, and share a Coke from the fountain.
If you sit inside, read all the extended drink descriptions on the menu. Whoever wrote those should get not one but two – bang! bang! – promotions.

The Suite Life

When you’re ready to buy a house in Hawaii but before you’re up hula dancing with the band, walk over to the hotel registration and ask if any suites are available to view. The Disneyland Hotel has some specialty rooms that are themed to attractions in the park, and on slow nights they might be willing to let you and your date take a peek. You can make plans for when you’re in the money. May we suggest the Adventureland suite? The Big Thunder, Pirates, Mickey Mouse, and Fairytale suites are interesting as well.

This room has a hidden closet behind the books and a faux fireplace, as well as a sneaky TV behind the painting on the mantle. Adventure indeed!


Don’t forget to explore the hotel towers too. The forecourt of the Frontier Tower boasts some lovely landscaping, including a planted Mickey design and a water feature with a geyser that is lit up at night (kind of). Inside the building you’ll see a perfect model of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (and an impeccably punctuated plaque describing its origins). Adventure Tower has a lush back patio with seating and a tree-lined path that leads to the Adventure Lawn. Go ahead and explore it to find the first of two gazebos at the hotel. Free gazebos.

This model is all the gold you need if you have each other.

The Best Things in Life

For whatever reason, gazebos are always romantic, no matter what. Luckily, you’ve got two times the wooing to do in the pair at the Disneyland Hotel. The first is hidden on Adventure Lawn, where lush grass awaits you, along with a sweet, smaller gazebo. Even though this space is out in the open, nary a person walks through it. Hit play on whatever music inspires you, and enjoy the seclusion.

If that charming spot is unavailable, step over to the Rose Court, where many a happy day has taken place. At night, this little garden becomes a softly lit oasis, begging for you and your date to frolic in. Lie on the surrounding grass and count stars, or sway through a slow dance in the grand gazebo itself.

We’re not saying you should choose that song from Twilight as your slow dance, but…

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