Review: “Big Hero 6” Blu-ray boosts Oscar-winning Disney film with surprisingly thorough bonus features

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Just two days after winning the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, “Big Hero 6” hits store shelves on Blu-ray today.

The popular Disney animated film naturally looks and sounds great in the home high-definition format. It packs plenty of strong visual pop via the movie’s many bright colors. The included short “Feast” looks just as good as well.

Although the new Blu-ray only has a pair of solid bonus features, they’re well worth a look for fans of the film.

“The Origin of Big Hero 6: Hiro’s Journey” presents 15 minutes of surprisingly in-depth analysis of how the film came out of a Marvel comic, how the characters evolved, and what technologies were used to create its effects. Unlike many home release extras, this one comes with a spoiler warning as it reveals key plot details in order to help explain the reasoning behind their existence. It’s a great addendum for those who have seen the film.

“Big Animator 6: The Characters Behind the Characters” is an interesting roundtable discussion between animators who worked on the movie, explaining how they arrived at each character’s personalities and mannerisms by showing a few early CG tests and more technical details. It’s also particularly entertaining to see the voice actors say a few words in each of their roles.

As is generally the case, included deleted scenes are interesting but somewhat dull, making it obvious why they were not included in the final film.

For those ready to hunt around, there are also some Easter Eggs hidden on the disc revealing – what else? – Easter Eggs found in the film.

Though somewhat overshadowed by the ever-growing success of “Frozen,” “Big Hero 6” is a Disney film that holds its own place in animation history, likely setting the stage for more Marvel-based movies to come. It’s definitely worth picking up on Blu-ray.

“Big Hero 6” is available today on Blu-ray via Amazon and all major retailers.

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