Date Nite at Disneyland: Paradise Pier is filled with pretty sights for couples to explore at night

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It’s about to get classic up in here. As Paradise Pier reminds us, an old-school pier is an all-time best bet for a fun date. You’ve got goodies and games and wooden planks under foot – paradise, indeed.

Date Night Treasures Untold

A date on Paradise Pier should start with food and drink that richly balances out the light mood of the boardwalk. Cove Bar has fantastic lobster nachos and a full bar (cheers to the Godiva Liqueur Flight with booze-infused strawberries), plus a pretty view of the bay and as posh a crowd as you’ll find in one place at the Disneyland Resort. Be prepared to wait for the fun, however. All those attributes mean that word has finally gotten out about this once-hidden patio behind Ariel’s Grotto. Seating is limited, but the good news is spots at the unique bar or seaside on the deck are equally enchanting.

The Cove Bar does a good job of making guests feel like they’re really on the shore.

Step Right Up

Once you’re all filled up with lobster and chocolate and booze, walk off your dinner in the direction of the midway. You may usually skip past the game booths and prizes, but winning your date a toy or stuffed animal is a must at the pier. Bonus: there are no creepy carnies to pressure you to play or shame you if you don’t! Just good, old-fashioned fun manned by Disney friendlies. Try the Dumbo Bucket Brigade for its super cool art backgrounds and kiddie water gun appeal. If it’s just the two of you playing (and it will be), you’re guaranteed one of you will be winning a prize for the other.

Stuffed animals are awesome (as long as they’re not Duffy).

The Top of a Ferris Wheel

Once the sun is set and all the lights of Paradise Pier are shining, hop a ride on Mickey’s Fun Wheel. We recommend opting for a stationary cab if you plan to make your move, so you don’t accidentally end up barfing in your date’s lap instead of kissing them. Seriously, those swinging gondolas are deceptively thrill-inducing, and we’re guessing you want the tummy butterflies to come from your love connection, not the whirl of nausea.

For bonus romantic views, try to time your ride just after the finale of World of Color, when the bay is still aglow with lights and fountains.

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