VIDEO: “The Simpsons” ride Soarin’ Over Springfield in Disney theme park parody

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Bart and Homer visited Itchy & Scratchy Land on the latest episode of “The Simpsons” and found themselves at a particularly familiar attraction to anyone who has visited Epcot or Disney California Adventure.

Soarin’ Over Springfield was the ride’s name in the show, presented in 4D: Height, Width, Depth, and Spray! Watch the ride clip below, which is part parody and part bizarre combination of Soarin’ and the actual Simpsons Ride from Universal Studios:


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    Did you catch the episode prior to that where they went to Diz-Nee-Land?

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    Nice little wink to Mystery Science Theatre 3000 there.

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    So, do all the Simpsons pokes at Disney (and Epcot) date back to those failed early 90’s attempts to get a Disney sim-ride?

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    Filth,utter filth to compare the Simpsons with anything
    Disney does.

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