VIDEO: Gaston’s latest viral challenge is arm wrestling with an 11 year old girl at Walt Disney World

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Gaston has become the viral craze of Walt Disney World and more new videos of his over-the-top antics keep popping up.

The latest features an 11 year old girl challenging the “Beauty and the Beast” bad guy to an arm wrestling match – with hilarious results.

Video: 11 year old Girl challenges Gaston to arm wrestle and wins!

It’s certainly not the first time Gaston has been publicly humiliated on YouTube. His viral sensation began a few weeks ago when he was bested by another little girl:

The Internet was buzzing, drawing more than 5 million views to that video. But that wasn’t the last we saw of him, more recently gloriously winning a push-up contest against a male Walt Disney World guest in front of 6+ million online:

It seems no one becomes a viral hit like Gaston and there will surely be more entertainment to come from this popular Walt Disney World villain.

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