Walt Disney World unveils new Polynesian Village Resort lobby look with more seating, smaller waterfall

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After months behind construction walls, the lobby at the Polynesian Village Resort has now re-opened. The new lobby now features a much smaller waterfall and lots more seating space, which will surely delight all the guests waiting to check in.

Take a look below for a video walk through of the lobby and plenty of of pictures.

The lobby decor is still very “island” inspired with lots of warm colors and dark wood but now more airy and open. Though the re-modeled lobby has now been unveiled, to both negative and positive feedback from fans, it is not completely finished yet.

A large Tiki statue is supposed to be placed by the waterfall later this year and hopefully give the lobby a bit more of a themed look, as many seems to feel like that is missing. For now, we have the wonderful Christmas decorations to look at, with a large Christmas tree taking center stage by the waterfall.

Compare what’s there now to the concept art of what it will look like when complete:

The artwork that shows how the finished product should look with the Tiki statue is even on display in the lobby so guests know it’s not quite done yet.

Though it is small the waterfall still gives off a tranquil “Polynesian” sound.

The new light fixtures gives of a dramatic impact when walking in and is one of the nicest updates to the lobby.

Can you spot the Hidden Mickey?

Lilo and Stitch made a visit to the new lobby in their holiday outfits. Stitch was very happy with the new look of the lobby.

Over by the elevators you can now view some new artwork with some familiar Disney characters like the Small World dolls and the Tiki statues from the Enchanted Tiki Room.

Not only the lobby got some changes but we also spotted a new DVC room where the old Wyland Galleries used to be and some new seating outside by the lake.

The highly awaited Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto still got some time left before it is finished but some new artwork has showed up outside of its location featuring a very “20,00 Leagues Under the Sea” feel to it.

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