PHOTOS: “Frozen” comes to Storybook Land Canal Boats at Disneyland, adding Arendelle to classic Disney scenes

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As “Frozen” descends upon Disneyland, the first elements of Arendelle have arrived to Storybook Land Canal Boats in Fantasyland.

The animated city’s familiar buildings are now featured in miniature along the boat ride, including the film’s two castles and Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna.

(Photos by Paul Hiffmeyer / Disneyland)

And here’s a video floating through the Arendelle additions:

(Video by Shawn Marshall at Parks and Cons)


  1. cath bell

    Excited!!!!! My grand daughters will love ❤ this

  2. Greg

    The detail almost puts the rest of the ride completely to shame.

  3. Lesley

    So awesome! I am heading to Disney today and now I will absolutely have to go on the Canal boats!

  4. Helga

    I am so mad! This doesn’t belong here! I am sick of Frozen, it is no better than any other movie.

  5. EricJ

    What did it replace? I remember the Walt-era Oz displays were later replaced by the B&tB and Aladdin tableaus after the 90’s Renaissance, but I didn’t know the current ride by heart.
    (And hey, I’d rather have the scenery than the music.) 😉

    1. jon

      The 3 windmills, I think, but I haven’t been on yet. I agree they added this way too prematurely. Just capitalizing on its popularity.

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