VIDEO: Trick-or-treat at Inside the Magic HQ as Halloween 2014 brings a little interactive pumpkin fun

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This year’s Halloween season was busier than ever, as we expanded our coverage to haunts not only in Florida and California, but also New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania – mostly featured on our spin-off site, Outside the Magic.

Even bigger was my role at the Radley Haunted House as producer and technical director, as well as writing and directing a 2-night special event. But I certainly didn’t want to leave our own home without some Halloween fun.

So this year at Inside the Magic HQ, we took a simpler approach to the decorations in favor of entertaining trick-or-treaters with a talkative pumpkin patch surrounding our front door.

And yeah, we still scared a few kids too. Check it out in the video below, including the return of our Trick-or-Treater Cam!

Though the overall decorations weren’t quite as over-the-top as in the past, our visitors LOVED the change, raving about the interactive experience they just had.

And for those of you who may have missed it, here is the incredible experience I helped bring to life at the Radley Haunted House down in St. Petersburg, Florida:

Next year we’ll be back with an all-new, bigger and better show at Radley!

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