VIDEO: Radley Haunted House delivers a Halloween treat – A full walkthrough of our highly praised home haunt

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The Radley Haunted House in St. Petersburg, Florida is in its final days and thousands of people have passed through its halls throughout the Halloween season, each raving about how incredible the experience was.

We are truly flattered and appreciate each and every kind word given about what we’ve created this year. A few of our reviews:

  • “By far my favorite haunted house experience ever! The first time I have ever been freaked out!”
  • “Attention to detail is mind-boggling and impressive.”
  • “The originality and level of detail is on par with the admittedly larger haunts in Tampa and Orlando.”
  • “I am never scared ever but one room was so bad I pushed someone in front of me because it was creepy as heck.”
  • “Original, creative, genuinely scary.”
  • “Both a haunt and art in the same experience.”
  • “It was the scariest haunted house I’ve ever been to.”
  • “This is definitely on our Halloween tradition to do list!”
  • So in honor of Halloween, we wanted to share the experience with everyone who can’t make it out to see it in person. The video below is a full walkthrough of Dr. Radley’s Nightmare Machine – the 2014 Radley Haunted House. Casts and characters do change from night to night, keeping it fresh with each visit, but this video gives a great overview of what our visits have been screaming their way through.

    Video: Full Radley Haunted House 2014 POV walkthrough

    It’s the eighth year of the Radley Haunted House, but my first being personally involved. Beyond Outside the Magic being this haunt’s sponsor, I have left my mark all over this event – and I’m beyond proud of the results.

    Our incredibly talented creative director (and Radley founder) Cody Meacham was responsible for designing and building the elaborate sets. Our costume designer Dakota Whittington has made nightmares a reality with his freakish creations. Our story guru Chris Hough wrote Dr. Radley’s terrifying tale. Our makeup artist and actress Caitlyn Sabrio has expertly made the doc’s victims look like they’re back from the dead while simultaneously creeping people out each night. Our energetic cast – including but not limited to Lacey, Matt, Paul, Dana, Nicole, Gina, Crystal, Alice, Draven, Marissa, and everyone else who has volunteered (Sorry if I left your name out!) – has brought an onslaught of big scares for everyone who passed through. Our music composers William Dodson and Wendell Jones of Sideshow Sound Theatre drive the raw emotion behind each scene with their original score. And of course our Dr. Radley, Justin Horn, the perfect face of our event.

    THANK YOU to all of you.

    As for me… I added lighting, sound, effects, voice over, a web site, graphic design, and writing/directing a little thing called Sleep Sessions, which I’ll post more about soon.

    Though I’ve had a hand in nearly everything with this year’s Radley Haunted House, it’s been a team effort the entire way through. But without Cody, none of it would have happened and I thank him infinitely for allowing me to join in the eighth year of this wonder that he has worked countless hours to build up.

    There are big plans for the Radley Haunted House in the future. But for now, we still have three nights remaining, tonight through Sunday, November 2. We’re open 7:30pm – 11pm so please come see the home haunt everyone is raving about!

    More information, including directions, can be found at

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