Trapped takes Halloween theme park entertainment to horrific new heights in extreme Knott’s Scary Farm experience

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Extreme haunted houses are the new trend of the Halloween industry, with independent events popping up all over the country. But Knott’s Berry Farm is giving their theme park guests a decidedly different experience from their traditional haunted houses, in the form of Trapped.

The $60 up-charge experience, Trapped is indeed an extreme haunted house. But what makes it unique is that it is situated within the Knott’s Scary Farm Halloween Haunt event. Up to 6 people can enter for that price, encountering a variety of horrors in intimate locations within.

Trapped is surprisingly over the top for a theme park experience. It goes far beyond the typical startle scares that comprise most big ticket Halloween events. Guests entering Trapped have no idea what they’re stepping into and leave wondering what the heck they just did.

This year’s version of Trapped is subtitled Lock and Key, as guests are given keys to help guide their way through the experience. What they do with those keys is up to them and definitely effects the outcome.

There are creepy scenes, comedic scenes, interactive scenes, individual scenes, group scenes, and everything in between. Trapped features a solid assortment of whacked out entertainment that goes well beyond the boundaries of what one might think a theme park can pull off.

I dive into the specifics of what goes on in Trapped in a recent Outside the Magic podcast, so if it’s spoilers you’re looking for, head over there to give it a listen. (You can find it on iTunes too.)

But in short, Trapped begins a bit sexy, quickly transforms into a hurried race against time, then meanders into a bit of humorous confusion, followed by awkwardness, more than a little interactivity, and one particularly hard to swallow (literally!) gross out scene. My throat burns just thinking about it.

Knott’s Berry Farm should be applauded for stepping out on a limb and truly pushing the envelope of the type of entertainment offered at a theme park Halloween event. Trapped is not at all a scream-filled experience, but it’s scary in entirely different ways, requiring guests to test their fortitude in this ultimate theme park challenge.

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