Inside the “Halloween” haunted house as Michael Myers comes home to Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 2014

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In one of this year’s best haunted houses, Michael Myers puts the “Halloween” in Halloween Horror Nights 24, slashing his way through scene after scene recreated from the classic John Carpenter film.

On the outside, the Myers house reveals something is definitely not right as projections offer a glimpse of the horrors within. Inside, the experience seems to bounce between houses in a residential neighborhood as Myers unleashes his killing spree across all the most memorable moments from the 1978 movie.

With its iconic musical score and creepy head tilt moments, this “Halloween” haunted house is a perfect fit for the event and is producing screams around every corner. For those reasons, it’s also one of the mazes Universal Orlando has allowed us to show you via the video below. It’s not a 100% complete walkthrough, as we don’t want to ruin all the surprises, but you will get a good idea of what the experience is like.

Video: “Halloween” Michael Myers haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights 2014, Universal Orlando

Check back this weekend for a complete house-by-house review of Halloween Horror Nights 24 at Universal Orlando.

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