“Frozen Fever” short film announced by Disney for Spring 2015 with new song, return of Anna, Elsa, Olaf

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Announced tonight, a new “Frozen” short film is on the way from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

It’s called “Frozen Fever,” bringing back to the big screen Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and, of course, Olaf.

Update: “Frozen Fever” will debut ahead of Disney’s live-action “Cinderella” movie in theaters March 13, 2015.

Directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, and produced by Peter Del Vecho, “Frozen” feature will feature an all-new original song by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

In “Frozen Fever,” it’s Anna’s birthday and Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever, but Elsa’s icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.

The announcement was first made within the ABC Television Network special “The Story of Frozen: Making an Animated Classic,” which aired September 2. The special also featured the world television debut of a scene from the new action comedy adventure from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Big Hero 6,” as well as a sneak peek at the upcoming season of the ABC series “Once Upon A Time.”


  1. Chaz

    I actually think this is the perfect way to expand on the Frozen franchise, for the time being at least. I much prefer this to a full-length sequel, though I look forward to the Broadway adaptation and hope for a Disneyland ride in the future.

  2. JaDangerz

    Have they yet decided when to induct Anna and Elsa into the Disney Princess lineup?

    1. Melissa

      Elsa’s not a princess. She’s the queen 🙂

      1. samtherat6

        Mulan, Pocahontas, and Tiana aren’t princesses, either. And Belle and Cinderella are royalty by marriage.

        1. EricJ

          Although the fact that Elsa IS queen (and referred to as such in Disney’s own shows) is probably one reason why they haven’t done one by now, and the summer’s officially over.

          That said, I had a “Frozen Ever After” mini-sequel called, long before anyone was fan-fictioning “real” sequels.
          Oh, and I wouldn’t wait up for “Will there be an Epcot attraction?”, although there does seem to be some suspicions around American Idol’s closing at the Studios…

          1. MC

            Nice to “know it all” isn’t Eric? Go back to WDWMagic and spout your nonsense off there. Everyone has inside information on that “site.”

        2. MC

          I beg to differ on Tiana – she is a Princess.

        3. quilteddreams

          I have to argue with you on Tiana. She and Naveen would still be frogs if she were not a princess. Only the kiss of a princess could break the spell…and was KIND of the biggest plot point of the entire movie. <3 /don't mind me she's just my favorite so I have a lot of feelings haha XD

        4. Tiff

          Technically Mulan is a princess because of her showing the qualities of one. And Pocahontas is definitely a princess because of her being Chief Powhatan’s daughter

          1. Jose

            Mulan is a princess
            She married the prince of the royal army.

  3. Exciting – I just wish they would focus their efforts on finding a toy company that is able to produce Frozen plushes!

  4. I like this very much I love harry porter games but after reading here I am looking forward to it as well. Thanks for this !!


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