VIDEO: Kids react to “DuckTales” and love it – but make us feel old

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The Fine Brothers have spun off their popular and hilarious “Kids React” series of the videos with a new twist, introducing today’s youth to retro TV shows. First up is the Disney Afternoon classic, “DuckTales.”

What do today’s children think of the show’s catchy theme song and colorful cast of characters? Watch below.

Disney Channel execs take note of that vote at the end. Even today’s kids want more DuckTales!


  1. Lisa

    This was hilarious. I’m 31 and used to watch that show constantly!! My other favorite was Dark Wing Duck! And Tail Spin! Those were classic. 🙂

  2. Jen

    Ha ha, go figure. Benny Fine is a former WDW Cast Member!

  3. Susan

    “Black-and-white?” I’m not THAT old! 35. Want to see their reactions to some of the other Disney afternoon shows: Gummi Bears, Tailspin, Darkwing Duck. Or even how do they react to old Fraggle Rock cartoons, Alvin & the. Chipmunks, or Snorkels or any of those. Old Pound Puppies?

  4. Matt

    I’d like to see them react to Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers

  5. Karen

    My 6 year old loves duck tales. I have a DVD and he watches it a lot!

  6. Rose

    Would love to see then do Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers as well since they are at the parks..

  7. Jordan

    Something tells me that Disney Channel is gonna bring DuckTales back.

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