“The Walking Dead” returns for Halloween Horror Nights 2014 at Universal Orlando, Hollywood in largest-ever haunted house

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Universal Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood have announced “The Walking Dead” will be returning to Halloween Horror Nights 2014 for a third year in a row – a first for a single property.

“Bringing a horror property back for a third year in a row is always a decision that is carefully considered. Fortunately, The Walking Dead is unlike any horror brand around. Its appeal spreads across so many types of viewers. Hardcore and casual horror fans alike are watching week after week, and season 4 offered many new and unique environments and walkers,” said Michael Aiello, Creative Development Director for Universal Orlando’s Entertainment team. “This year, we are taking this partnership to the next level, with a monstrous soundstage maze and a scope that is bigger and badder than anything we’ve ever done in the history of our event.”

In the video below, Aiello justifies the return of “The Walking Dead” to Halloween Horror Nights:

In another newly released video, Greg Nicotero of “The Walking Dead” discusses its return to Hollywood:

This year’s focus will center around the fourth season of the show.

Universal Studios Florida will feature what they’re calling their largest maze ever built, twice as large as any other. The soundstage maze will include the cell block, a crashed helicopter ripping through the ceiling, a dilapidated country club, and Terminus.

At Universal Studios Hollywood, a maze will feature the prison and a scare zone will be set throughout the theme park. The Terror Tram will once again also be taken over by “The Walking Dead.”

Naturally, it will all feature plenty of walkers.

Universal Orlando has already made it clear that this is not the only property to be featured this year. There will be seven other haunted houses and multiple scare zones, not just one theme in the streets this year.

Halloween Horror Nights 2014 kicks off September 19, 2014.

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