PHOTO: Mark Hamill channels Luke Skywalker with Jedi Mickey ahead of Star Wars Weekends appearance at Walt Disney World

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Disney has released a photo of actor Mark Hamill posing with Jedi Mickey – both with lightsabers in hand. Hamill, of course, portrayed Luke Skywalker in the “Star Wars” films and will be appearing June 6-8 at Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the first time he has attended the event in its 17-year history.

(David Roark/Disney, photographer)

Disney has shared a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this photo, including a few words from Hamill himself:


  1. El Bearsidente

    Awesome grip. Any random kindergarten kid can disarm them both within 2-3 seconds and a wooden stick. Thanks for reminding me why I dislike Star Wars.

    1. matt

      Thank you captain obvious but here are a few points you seemed to have overlooked.
      One is an actor and so has no use for the skill of fighting with a saber (where did you go wrong in your life that you feel you need that skill)
      one is a 5ft tall mouse also has no use fighting anyone with a saber
      and oh yeah LIGHT SABERS AREN’T REAL you stupid twit.

    2. IndustryInsider

      Well, we know why we dislike you. Go back to being a troll.

    3. Bwah

      You troll… It looks awesome!!!

    4. hehateme2012

      El Douchesidente….You…stink. Do humanity a favor, and buy a shotgun with a toe pull.

  2. Merk

    Great photo! And to the gentlemen who commented first, it’s a staged photo meant to draw interest, not a lesson in tactical weapon fighting. Your comment is very weird.

    1. mariano

      i almost puke when i see mickey there but i love star wars so… fuck off you fucking troll is mark hamill…he is luke skywalker he can do what ever he wants

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