Festival of the Lion King returns to Walt Disney World in new Animal Kingdom area with same classic show

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To make way for the world of Avatar coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World relocated its popular Festival of the Lion King show to a new theater elsewhere in the park. The show reopened over the weekend in the new Harambe Theater, a more appropriate spot than its former home in the now-extinct Camp Minnie-Mickey area.

The area surrounding the new theater adds several themed buildings that fit in perfectly with the rest of the surrounding Africa land. Thatched roofs and aged facades make it all seem like it’s been there since the park opened.

WDW Guided Tours provided us with photos of the new buildings and the show itself, which hasn’t changed much in the move.

Though the new theater looks tremendously different on the outside, once inside it’s nearly identical to what used to be in the park. The high-energy show still entertains crowds in the round.


  1. Brian

    It is so similar inside they reused the bleachers from the old theater. Conservation!

  2. Carson U

    I was honestly hoping for a few changes or improvements. It is an amazing show but I think they could have had new animatronics, or more/changed special effects. Still can’t wait to see it though!

    1. Avery

      They are actually puppets, not animatronics.

  3. Leticia

    do you know if you can book Fastpass+ for different parks in the same day if you’re using a park hopper ticket? and if you get 3 Fastpass+ for each park, or just 3 for the day?
    thanks in advance!!

    1. Shannon

      You are only allowed 3, once your last time has passed, you can get another one. I’m not sure how it works with the park hopper yet.

    2. Freddy

      Your first three have to be at the same park, once all three have expired then you can only get them one by one in any of the parks.

  4. Jake

    Looks good! I can’t wait to see it!

  5. Jon

    All the money in the world and they still make us sit on bleachers…..No expansion in seating either.

  6. Fantastic news. We can’t wait to go back to see this wonderful show.

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