WHAT IF: “Game of Thrones” done Disney style, from princesses to Pixar

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In honor of tonight’s season 4 premiere of HBO’s hit “Game of Thrones,” here’s an assortment of artwork mashing up that world with characters from Disney and Pixar.

Naturally Daenerys Targaryen is an obvious choice to connect to Disney Princesses, particularly when combined with dragons. More specifically, the art below features Khaleesi Disney-style with Maleficent, Figment, and Elliott.

(by Mona Collentine, T-shirts available.)

A pair of videos takes the mash-up further, one adding song to live action and the other using classic Disney animated clips.

Video: Disney GAME OF THRONES – Princess Daenerys

Video: Disney’s Game of Thrones

Rapunzel and “Frozen” duo Anna and Elsa get the “Game of Thrones” treatment in the art below.

(via Team Pwnicorn)

(by Dragoon23)

And then there’s one done in the style of Disney, with a rather Mushu-like dragon.

(From Geekology Rules)

But the “Game of Thrones” / Disney crossover wouldn’t be complete without extending to the whole leading cast of characters.

(by Sam Tsui)

Then there’s this artwork done in a Pixar style, though definitely more grown-up. It seems even in animated form Daenerys can’t seem to keep her shirt on.

And what if DreamWorks made “Game of Thrones”?

Lastly, artist Mariana Moreno used a variety of animation styles to create pieces inspired by “Game of Thrones” houses – Lannister, Stark, and Baratheon:

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