VIDEO: “Love is an Open Door” music video shot at Disneyland, performed by “Frozen” fans

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Sure, you’ve seen at least 8 bazillion “Frozen” covers on YouTube already, most of which have been renditions of “Let It Go.”

But today I was sent a fun version of “Love is an Open Door,” sun by fans Ben Auer and Emily Cook. The unique part about this take on a “Frozen” favorite is that it was shot entirely inside Disneyland:

With a shoestring budget of just one Mickey Mouse ice cream sandwich, I think this fan rendition of the “Frozen” hit song is a success.


  1. Meredith

    …and that Gazebo where he “proposed”..Yeah that’s where I got married 🙂

  2. Michele

    Super cute video…thanks for sharing.

  3. Madeline

    Super cute

  4. Lynette

    “Four cents and an ice cream bar”

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