VIDEO: Falcon’s Fury POV sends you plummeting face down more than 300 feet in new Busch Gardens Tampa ride

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As Busch Gardens Tampa puts the finishing touches on their new Falcon’s Fury drop tower, the theme park has shared a POV (point-of-view) video of the exhilarating new ride.

Falcon’s Fury takes passengers more than 300 feet in the air before turning them to face straight downward and dropping them at more than 60mph toward the ground. Even in the video below, it’s quite a rush.

Falcon’s Fury will be debuting soon at Busch Gardens Tampa (no opening date set yet), along with the refreshed surrounding area now known as Pantopia. See more at


  1. Is it just me or did the assent seem to be played at double time? ie It’s a very slow, long way up into the sky!

    1. Kyle Linder

      It seems like that when you focus in on those cars in the background.

  2. Craig

    Did you ride Ricky?

  3. EricJ

    Looks like it’s now the only full-body face-first ride, now that Six Flags NE no longer has the Nightwing ride:

  4. Andrew

    Eric not sure if I follow what your saying. But there are many other rides that rotate forward. Many of them at Six Flags across the US. I know NJ and Georgia both have a superman ride that rotates forward.

  5. Mark (UK)

    You couldn’t pay me to go on this ride! I mistakenly went on Manta at Seaworld and hated every second of it.

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