First Look: “Figment” comic pages from Marvel and Disney Kingdoms series with artist Felipe Andrade

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When Marvel and Disney revealed the first artwork from their upcoming comic based Figment and the Dreamfinder from Epcot’s Journey Into Imagination attraction, fans were overjoyed to see the return of this favorite duo.

Now Marvel has provided Inside the Magic with a first look at six pages of “Figment” #1. Drawn by artist Felipe Andrade, this in-progress black and white artwork gives a great idea of how the comic will look when completed (in full color, of course – royal purple pigment and all).

Seen in the art are Figment, Dreamfinder, and a few interesting contraptions that definitely have a steampunk flair. Without dialogue or thought bubbles, it’s not quite clear what exactly is happening here, but it is enough to continue the excitement leading up to the issue’s release in June.

Elements based on Figment ©Disney

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