VIDEO: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad returns to Disneyland with enhanced special effects and explosive new finale

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After more than a year of downtime for refurbishment, upgrades, and enhancements, Disneyland has brought back Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Frontierland, adding new special effects and an explosive new finale to this wildest ride in the wilderness

Though it doesn’t officially open to the public until March 17, the updated classic attraction has been previewed by cast members and their guests, soon opening to annual passholders as well. And nearly everyone who’s ridden it has been impressed by the changes, which include an overall smoother roller coaster experience coupled with a new finale.

We’ll have a more extensive article on the attraction’s big upgrades soon, but for now the video below offers a full POV (point of view) ride on the new 2014 version. Not every new effect will be seen in each ride through, so multiple trips on this runaway train are encouraged.

UPDATE: Below is a new video with all of the new special effects on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland, including the finale.

Read more about the extensive update to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad here.

(Older video remains below.)

Video: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad POV with MOST new effects at Disneyland

Videos by Mark Eades.

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