Dancing scantily clad woman animatronic gazes deep into your soul in New York art installation

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Ever wished a dirty, dancing, witch mask-wearing woman would stare intently back at you while you watched her hypnotic moves? No? Well, now you can.

Artist Jordan Wolfson has created just that in animatronic form as part of an art installation in the David Zwirner gallery on 533 West 19th Street in New York.

The unnamed animatronic sculpture is described as a “curvaceous, scantily clad woman covered in dirt marks and wearing a witch mask,” life-size and available for one-on-one experiences. Its lifelike movements – particularly in the fully articulated fingers – are so real they’re surreal. Moreover, the animatronic recognizes that a viewer is present, staring directly back at whoever is watching while performing its sultry moves.

Watch it in action:

Creep factor aside, the sculpture’s fluid animation is quite impressive, created by Hollywood effects studio Spectral Motion.

(via io9)

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