Aulani expansion tour reveals new tropical details, fun features added to lush Disney resort in Hawaii

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It’s been more than three years since Disney opened Aulani, their first resort in Hawaii. After debuting in phases, Aulani received its share of requests for changes from its many visitors to the sprawling waterfront destination hotel. Among the most common complaints were a need for more dining options, particularly poolside, and even more room to do.

Disney listened and quickly responded with an expansion project that lasted more than a year, finally wrapping up in late 2013. It included a bigger pool area with a family pool, kids’ cove, adult-exclusive pool, and more space, cabanas, and other areas to lounge around. New poolside and beachside dining options were also added as well as more shopping opportunities.

Southern California reporter Audra Stafford (@SDEntertainment) recently seized the opportunity to explore these new features, bringing back a video update to show it all off, including interviews with Aulani spokespersons – and a even bit of live music.

Video: Aulani expansion overview


  1. Eric

    Disney should also build a theme park in Hawaii, probably right next door to Aulani, that would be awesome.

    BTW, what is the meaning of the word “Aulani”?

    1. Kyle Linder

      Rohde also noted that Aulani, translated from Hawaiian to English means, “the place that speaks for the great ones” or “the place that speaks with deep messages.

      1. Eric

        Thanks. Sounds interesting enough.

    2. EricJ

      I think we mainlanders, let alone Disney ones, were lucky to get the hotel. Hawaii’s already feeling like a theme park, and guests hear the rumblings of native uprising. 😉

  2. Jeff Lynch

    I wish this wasn’t just for super rich people. I will never be able to go there. It might as well be another planet for me.

  3. Greg

    Well Jeff, when we become socialist, we can all go! And it will suck.

    1. Kenny

      If we continue moving in the direction we are in this country very few of us will be able to go. Glad I have a DVC membership so Hawaii is an option. Love Disney around the world, expensive but you get your money’s worth for sure.

    2. Jeff Lynch

      Greg — I just wish that some of the rooms were available on a sliding scale for those of us who could never dream of affording the current prices. Just some rooms that were more reasonable for those of us not as fortunate as you.

      1. Greg

        I was just making a crack. I can’t afford to go either, and like you, wish it was more affordable. A bad joke I guess.

  4. Michael Rainey

    We would like go to Hawaii Aulani because we never touch there before and it will be cool that it will be our first time go there someday

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