Review: “Thor: The Dark World” Blu-ray delivers with in-depth extras adding to ongoing Marvel universe story

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The latest installment of Marvel’s cinematic universe comes home as “Thor: The Dark World” offers a fun sequel that’s superior to the original in many ways. As brothers Thor and fan-favorite Loki rejoin to battle bigger baddies, there’s much to enjoy out of this out-of-this-world, action-packed film.

On Blu-ray, “Thor: The Dark World” lives up to its title with a rather dark presentation. Expect to crank up the brightness on your TV to watch it. That aside it looks and sounds fantastic, as all of Marvel’s releases tend to do, with smooth and rich, deep colors bathing the nine realms, producing a believable, yet etherial quality.

The included extras are fantastically entertaining and surprisingly thorough. Those wanting a deeper dive into the story behind “Thor: The Dark World” will enjoy the two-part “Brother’s Journey” giving a 30+ minute exploration of the relationship between the main characters.

Included deleted and extended scenes actually add to the film as well as delivering some additional Loki-branded fun. “Scoring Thor” follows composer Brian Tyler through the creation of the film’s epic, but not-exactly-recognizable musical themes.

A new 14-minute Marvel One Shot called “All Hail the King” attempts to make good on disappointment fans felt in “Iron Man 3” when a highly-anticipated villain didn’t quite turn out the way everyone had hoped. But redemption appears to be in Marvel’s future, teased in this short that drags along a bit long but delivers in the end, complete with an unexpected cameo.

Those looking for a further glimpse into Marvel’s cinematic future can get a sneak peek of “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” that’s not too spoiler-y.

Lastly, a 4-minute gag reel offers plenty of on-set laughs with a surprising amount of dancing.

“Thor: The Dark World” hits store shelves on Blu-ray on February 25.

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