Disney details playful products at Toy Fair 2014 with surprise celebrity appearances from Marvel, Star Wars Rebels, Planes

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On the second day of Toy Fair 2014 in New York, Disney Consumer Products presented a line-up of movie inspired toys from multiple Marvel films, Star Wars television, and a high-flying sequel, all with surprise celebrity guests.

After the presentation, a showcase of products was on display. The videos below offer celebrity highlights plus up close demonstrations of each of the product lines. Photos of all of the products can be seen in the slideshow at the bottom of this post.

The attending audience of press was also treated to sneak preview clips from each of the spotlighted films, but none of those could be recorded.

The special event began with “Planes: Fire & Rescue,” the upcoming follow-up to the original Disney film “Planes.” To help show off some of the new products for the sequel, comedian and Dusty Crophopper voice actor Dane Cook took the stage. The clip shown included a lot of rough animation, as the film is still in production, but overall it seems like a fun addition to the franchise for those who enjoyed the original.

Video: Dane Cook appears for Planes: Fire and Rescue presentation at Toy Fair 2014

Next up was a pair of Marvel-based movies, beginning with “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.” Though this film isn’t a Disney / Marvel Studios movie (Spider-Man film rights are owned by Sony), Disney is still involved in the merchandising. Two of the upcoming movie’s stars showed up for this presentation, first young Jorge Vegas – dressed as Spider-Man – followed by Andrew Garfield, who portrays the web slinger on the big screen. The clip shown highlighted Electro as the villain of the film, portrayed by Jamie Foxx, and definitely heightened excitement for what’s to come.

Video: Andrew Garfield at Amazing Spider-Man 2 Toy Fair 2014 presentation from Disney Consumer Products

The second Marvel film included was “Guardians of the Galaxy,” though no celebrities were on hand to discuss it. The clip shown included a lot of never-before-seen production footage, both behind the scenes and nearly complete, running through all the main characters including Bradley Cooper voicing Rocket Raccoon. A first trailer for this film will finally be unveiled later tonight on the Jimmy Kimmel show on ABC, likely including some of this footage.

Video: Guardians of the Galaxy toys and Disney presentation at Toy Fair 2014

Lastly, early Star Wars Rebels footage was shown – mostly a teaser with artwork – followed by a Stormtrooper-escorted appearance by Freddy Prinze Jr, who is voicing the “cowboy Jedi” named Kanan in the show.

Video: Freddy Prinze Jr appears at Star Wars Rebels presentation at Toy Fair 2014

In conjunction with these product details and presentations, Disney Interactive also demonstrated new figures for Disney Infinity – Phineas and Agent P. Check back for more on that soon.

Photos from the Disney Consumer Products presentation at Toy Fair 2014:

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