DuckTales levels now available for Disney Infinity, five user-generated Toy Boxes feature Scrooge, GizmoDuck, Duckburg

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Today, Disney Interactive has released the winners of the “DuckTales Challenge” for Toy Box creations in their hugely popular Disney Infinity video game that best capture the look of the classic animated TV series.

The winning submissions are:

Mega Gizmoduck: Blatherskite! Gyro’s robot Armstrong has gone haywire… and grown giant! Save or destroy Duckburg in this 1v1 arena.

Safe Cracking: Scrooge has locked himself in his own money bin! Find the combination hidden in Duckburg and return Scrooge to his mansion.

Saving Scrooge: Find all the buttons hidden inside the Money Bins to open the Beagle Boys hideout. Then rescue Scrooge and take him to the castle.

Scrooge’d: One epic Duck Tales race track.

McDuck in Danger: Blast me bagpipes, Scrooge has been captured by robots! Find and rescue five Scrooges. Then a reward awaits near the stadium…

All are featured in the latest episode of the web series “The Disney Infinity Top 5 Toy Box Countdown”:

How to download new Toy Boxes within the game:
1. Select “Toy Box” from the Disney Infinity Main Menu
2. Select “Toy Box Share” and “Disney’s Toy Boxes.”
3. There will be a list of all the featured Toy Boxes for players to download.

Scrooge McDuck’s Lucky Dime is also available to purchase as a power disc.

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