Walt Disney Classics Collection officially ends as Precious Moments passes on continuing popular product line

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After more than twenty years of wide appreciation by fans, the Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) has come to a close. After longtime manufacturer Enesco parted ways with the line at the end of 2012, Precious Moments stepped in to take over the role. But following much negative feedback surrounding their take on the collectibles, the entire series has now been cancelled.

Precious Moments issued a statement today:

We truly appreciate the fans and collectors who have been eagerly awaiting the Walt Disney Classics Collection product launch by Precious Moments Incorporated®. After extensive consultation with Disney®, we have jointly decided not to move forward with the release of the collection. The Walt Disney Classics Collection will be placed into the “vault” alongside other cherished Disney classics. We invite you to continue to celebrate Disney characters and stories with the beautifully crafted collectibles available in the Disney Showcase Collection by Precious Moments. These exquisite pieces are available at Disney Theme Parks, DisneyStore.com, PreciousMoments.com, and specialty retailers.

Since July 1992, WDCC pieces have become highly collectible, initially available at retail at high price points due to their intricate, hand-painted designs featuring favorite and memorable Disney characters from decades of film history. Enesco’s designs were praised for their attention to detail, capturing animated scenes accurately in figure form.

But when a series of slides leaked online in March 2013, fans of the line were in an uproar as it was clear that Precious Moments was putting their own touches on the figures, adding cutesy makeup, sparkly dresses, and otherwise off-model designs.

These were not what collectors were looking for. When the images leaked, Precious Moments noted these designs were never approved by Disney for production, still a work in progress.

But these same figures were ultimately released under the “Disney Showcase” name instead. (Thanks for the tip, Xtina!)

Now Precious Moments has scrapped the line completely, dooming the Walt Disney Classics Collection forever to the Disney “vault” leaving collectors with decades of fine figures to enjoy as prices climb higher on the resale market for these increasingly rare and fragile pieces.

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