Toy Story in Space play set plus Woody bring unusual antics to Disney Infinity while Jack Skellington adds some frightful fun

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Having just crossed 1 million units sold, Disney Infinity continues to offer new content and, in turn, new fun ways to play within Disney’s virtual video game worlds. The latest addition hits store shelves today, Toy Story in Space, an unexpected take on on the film franchise that’s set largely in kids’ bedrooms.

Unlike previous play sets like Monsters University, The Lone Ranger, Cars, and The Incredibles, the new Toy Story in Space play set doesn’t follow any of the films directly. Instead, players are thrust into an outer space environment, immediately asked to build up a space station of sorts on another planet. Of course, familiar faces are there to help, including Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Slinky Dog, Hamm, and plenty of Little Green Men.

Mission start quite simplistic at first, constructing buildings that unlock new features, such as the ability to race around on Bullseye the horse’s back… in space. It’s an odd combination that brings Woody’s wild west into the outer reaches, but fun nonetheless. Smaller missions are delivered by the supporting cast, asking players to find hidden treasures throughout the area and the like. They’re all similar play mechanics to the previously-released play sets, but with an entirely different setting.

Eventually, the game leads players into the world of Zurg, battling foes that are fitting of this space environment where it all suddenly makes sense.

Toy Story in Space ($34.99) comes packaged with figures of Buzz and Jessie, who look fairly consistent with their Pixar appearances, as well as a play set piece. Woody is sold separately. All are nice figures for any Pixar collector, whether interested in playing Disney Infinity or not.

Voice acting is excellent across all characters, though it’s obvious the bigger stars didn’t reprise their roles. Jessie sounds the least like her movie counterpart.

Toy Story in Space definitely isn’t the most instantly engaging of all of Disney Infinity’s play sets, putting gamers in an unusual world from the start. But fans of the “Toy Story” series will have a good time living out a new adventure with the Toy Story gang.

An even more highly-anticipated addition to Disney Infinity was also recently released: Jack Skellington.

Sadly, there is no Disney Infinity play set based on “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” leaving Jack to play around only in Toy Box mode. But his flaming pumpkins are wonderfully fun to hurl. His mini adventure set in Halloween Town gives just a taste of the potential of this world, one that will hopefully be explored more down the line. His Disney Infinity-stylized look is unlike any previously released versions of him, making this particular figure highly collectible, even if a bit cartoony.

In the next few weeks, Disney will release a “Frozen” two-pack featuring Anna and Elsa, but alas no play set will be released for that film either. Rapunzel is due out soon as well, adding even more females to the current small lineup that Jessie recently helped out.

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