‘Followed from the Mansion’ short film debuts bringing The Haunted Mansion home – with a hitchhiking ghost

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For decades Disney’s Ghost Host has warned guests of The Haunted Mansion to “beware of hitchhiking ghosts.” But just what happens when a ghost follows you home?

That question is answered in the new short film from Jeremiah and Josh Daws entitled “Followed from the Mansion.” It’s a, well, follow-up to last year’s viral hit “Missing in the Mansion” that featured a ghost story set inside the classic Disneyland dark ride.

Now, the haunting comes home as one boy can’t seem to let go of one particularly playful spook.

Video: “Followed from the Mansion” short film

So just how did the Daws brothers get Phineas to cooperate? Well, it took a whole lot of talented teamwork along with the help of Jesse Corti, voice of Disney’s LeFou in “Beauty and the Beast.” Tune in Show 447 of our podcast, a special Halloween edition, to learn more. Then check back here soon for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this short film.

And be sure to head over to FollowedfromtheMansion.com to download the fantastic Haunted Mansion-inspired musical score for free.


  1. The work that went into that is simply amazing.

    1. nick

      that mom is hot

  2. Alex J.

    Great job! wonderful story, and good job of tying aspects of the ride to the plot.

  3. Chaz

    Well that’s one form of family bonding time I guess.

    Seriously, though, that was fantastic. I love the Daws Brothers shorts. All of the nods to the original attraction were just brilliant.

    I’m curious to know what they could do with other Disneyland attractions.

  4. Caitlyn Flores

    The story was good and so was the animation. If only the acting was a little better.


    i’m not happy that they made the Ghost mean… and the acting was horrible! but a good idea for the most part

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Did you watch all the way to the end? Remember the lyric from The Haunted Mansion: “They pretend to terrorize…”

      He ultimately is a good ghost with a mission to bring together the boy and his step-mom. Success!

      1. Caitlyn

        Now that you put it that way I really appreciate this short film.

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