‘Delusion’ live-action horror experience returns to Los Angeles this Halloween making visitors face the plague

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One of the highest rated horror experiences in Los Angeles is returning this year with an all-new twist. Delusion: Masque of Mortality is the name of the new version of this interactive thrilling theater performance, this year taking place at the Bethany Presbyterian Church in Silverlake.

Inside show-goers will be taken back in time to 1930, where there has been an outbreak of the plague. Those who step inside will face The Doctors, who have promised a remedy not only to the plague, but of a greater life, free of the oppression of God and human limitations. Inside the Church, patrons will await their fate while enjoying the comfort of a bar serving craft cocktails of liquid courage.

The first-person horror experience is different from a haunted house, bringing small groups of around 10 in every 15 minutes with only around 250 people entering per night. From there, the group moves through a dark world, where secrets and horror lurk down dark paths.

Last year Delusion was executive produced by actor Neil Patrick Harris. This year, the producer is Hollywood stunt director Jon Braver, who has worked on films like “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Star Trek,” and “Iron Man.”

The event runs September 26 through November 23 on select nights. Tickets and more information are available now at EnterDelusion.com.

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