Universal Monsters Remix resurrected for Halloween Horror Nights 2013 with “Face Off” monster, EDM artist Figure

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Universal Studios Hollywood has announced the return of last year’s unusual but popular haunted house Universal Monsters Remix for Halloween Horror Nights 2013.

This time it will be called Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection, featuring some notable changes, but retaining the same basic mashup of classic horror monsters with modern music. Replacing the assortment of so-strange-it-works dubstep music that filled the House of Horrors in 2012 will be electronic dance music from artist Figure, who is creating a custom soundtrack for the maze.

“The Universal Studios classic monster movies of the 1920s, ‘30s and ‘40s defined the horror genre and inspired generations of filmmakers,” said John Murdy, Creative Director, “Halloween Horror Nights.” “For ‘Halloween Horror Nights,’ we reimagined classic characters and placed them in a rave-like environment – a present day ‘Monster Mash.’ It proved to be a fan favorite last year, and in 2013 there will be some exciting new twists.”

Also included in this stylized haunted house will be the winning design from the Halloween Horror Nights character design contest, Christopher Oosting’s take on the Invisible Man. He’ll be the DJ inside the maze.

And in the same room will be the monster and his bride, created by the winner of a “Future Frankenstein” episode of SyFy’s “Face Off,” airing August 20 – also appearing at Universal Orlando’s Horror Nights event as well.

Set within the antechambers of an eerily gothic castle, the new “Universal Monsters Remix: Resurrection” maze will unleash a cast of legendary creatures including “Frankenstein” and his bride, “Dracula,” “The Wolf Man” and “The Mummy.”

Here’s a sampling of what the 2012 Universal Monsters Remix was like, from the Frankenstein DJ scene, complete with Bride of Frankenstein go go dancer:

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