New Disney Infinity characters, playset, virtual Disneyland at 2013 D23 Expo with Toy Story, Rapunzel, Jack Skellington

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In an exciting 1.5-hour presentation of the final day of the 2013 D23 Expo, Disney Interactive announced new characters, a new playset, and a few other fun new features to launch when Disney Infinity hits store shelves next week.

The presentation not only featured Disney Infinity, but also Fantasia: Music Evolved, and a variety of online and mobile applications and entertainment.

Video: Full Disney Interactive presentation at the 2013 D23 Expo

The attending crowd of Disney fans were thrilled to learn of new playable characters and figures: Jack Skellington, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Anna and Elsa from “Frozen,” Phineas, Agent P, and Rapunzel.

The addition of princess characters to the Infinity lineup was met with cheers from the audience.

These figures will be rolled out beginning in October through 2014. Each will come with their own “Adventure,” unique to that character and allows them to play a short game.

Toy Story was also announced as the 6th playset for the game, featuring Woody, Buzz, and Jessie figures, which will be released in October.

Toy Story in Space features Buzz and Jessie in the play set pack, with Woody sold separately. Players can go on a new space adventure with the Toy Story gang as they help to relocate the Pizza Planet Aliens to a new world. Explore and discover the secrets that lay below the surface of this new planet and unlock Space Ranger equipment to help defend the new colony and friends. The Toy Story in Space play set introduces hoverpacks, jetpacks, laser blasters, goo blasters, new mounts and more into the Toy Box mode. In Toy Box, players can build and customize worlds, and incorporate these new items into their interactions with other Disney and Pixar characters.

The Disney Infinity team has also created a virtual Toy Box version of Disneyland, available for players to download on launch day.

Finally, the full 7-minute action-packed intro sequence was played, offering players a chance to play as a variety of characters – including Mickey Mouse. The introduction to the game allows players to play as a variety of characters even without having the physical figures, a tease that will surely entice gamers to collect them all.

Then as a finale, Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey Mouse was revealed as one final playable Disney Infinity character, with figures exclusively given to all who were in attendance at the presentation. The figure won’t go on sale until January.

But we will be giving away one of those exclusive Mickey figures here on Inside the Magic soon, so keep checking back!


  1. Dustin

    Biggest question- release date on the other figures?

    1. Philip

      The site says wave 2 (announced figures today) Oct/Nov release, along with mickey but that one said 2014 on the bags from D23

      1. Dustin

        I’ve also seen December dates for some of wave two- They were briefly leaked on Toys R Us’ website a few days ago. I hope they come in Oct/Nov instead…

    2. Ricky Brigante

      Mickey will be released in 2014. The rest will be rolled out beginning in October with no specific dates set after that.

    3. i have to get the rapunzel character

      1. Ellee

        Hi I just got her on I thought she had a story mode do you know when it’s coming out and how I will get it ? X

  2. Leon

    Name a price. I will buy that Mickey from you.

    1. Isaac

      I hear some Mickey’s are on Ebay for 500-1000 dollars…Care to buy those?

      1. Philip

        I got mine on eBay but luckily I snatched one of the low priced ones

      2. Sheree

        I preordered my Mickey Mouse the sourcerers apprentice for $17 (that’s right, $17 and no more to pay) the mickey mouses that were released now (only 5000) are fling for $200+ on eBay just wait until 2014 they’ll be available.

    2. melinda

      Mickey is on amazon 180

  3. Ben Malsky

    When are you going to finish this article and post the video?

    1. Ricky Brigante

      Later today.

    2. Ricky Brigante

      All fixed up. Sorry for the delay!

  4. Jeff Lynch

    I don’t understand this. Is this a video game or are they action figures or dolls?

    I don’t understand what the little figures are for or why they are needed. If it’s a video game then what do the figures do?

    I don’t get it. Can someone explain it?

    1. PrestoMovie

      Sure. Disney Infinity is primarily a video game. It’s a game that utilizes these real world figures to play. The game comes with a base that can hold two figures at a time and one playset. You put the figure on the base, and the figure shows up in the game, and you can then play as that figure. That figure then stores any data collected in the game on the figure, so it’ll carry objects it did in the past when you put it back on. The playsets act as the world your figures will play in. Put the
      Monsters U playset on, and you can play as Monsters U characters in that world. There’s a Toy Box mode that lets you build and create things and play around using any of the figures you have, together in one world, so you can have Buzz ride on Lightning McQueen as they race Dash through a race track you built.

      tl;dr: It’s a video game with physical collectible figures that you need to play as those characters. Want to play as Sorcerer Mickey? Put your Mickey figure on the base.

      1. sandsiam

        You seem very knowledgeable about this game and was hoping you could answer a question for me. I bought the Mickey character for my grandson who lives in another state but he tells me he needs something for the portal to get to mickey’s world. He can play as sorcerer Mickey but he cannot get to his world. He is only 6 so I have no idea what he is talking about. I think he said it is a cube or ball with edges. Any ideas how to get to Mickey’s world? Thanks.

      2. Jennifer

        When will a mickey world be created? It would be nice to have a broomstick or mop to go along with sorcerer Mickey to have a world with. This is what I would like. Very disappointed that Mickey can do nothing but play in the toy box.

  5. Is there a multiplayer option? My wife and I would love to play this together. Can you, say, mount two figures and each play as one of them at the same time?

    1. Dustin

      Yes. Two players on the same system, four total online .

  6. Andrew Olszewski

    Is the toy box version of Disneyland only available on launch day? I’m going on a day trip with family and I might not get to my gamestop location on time.

    1. Bryce DeShazo

      They announced it will be available day 1.

  7. Billcunigan

    How do you get put in the give away for the exclusive Mickey figures?

  8. chayenne

    wanneer komen rapunzel en vanelope uit ik zoek ze namelijk vaak al overal in elke winkel maar ik vind ze niet ik hou van rapunzel en vanelope

  9. chris

    the only one i want out of all of these new ones is agent p

  10. Bradley

    I have Rapunzael and Jack Skellington

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