At-Home Disney Imagineering: Recreate “World of Color” on a smaller scale with vibrant dancing water speakers

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One of the most amazing nighttime spectacles created in recent years is the World of Color lagoon show at Disney’s California Adventure theme park. It’s a massive expanse of water fountains, jets, mist screens, and projections featuring moments from some of Disney’s most cherished characters and films – and now it can be recreated on a much smaller scale at home with a fun new product.

Dancing water speakers quickly grabbed the Internet’s attention with a recent Vine video and when I spotted them, World of Color immediately came to mind, prompting me to purchase them online. A variety of brands are available, all in the range of $25-50 for the pair:

  • Xcellon DWS-100B USB-Powered Stereo Speakers
  • Leading Edge Water Dancing Speakers
  • Atake Music Fountain Mini Amplifier Dancing Water Speakers
  • Plug And Play Muti-Colored Illuminated Dancing Water Speakers
  • I purchased the Xcellon DWS-100B and couldn’t be happier. Check out the results in the video below, plugging them into a laptop and playing my video of the full World of Color debut show.

    The roughly 10″ tall fountain speakers dance with four vibrant colors, triggered by each beat of the music. It’s a simple but incredibly fun way to bring World of Color home.

    Out of the box, the clear speakers already have a small amount of liquid inside them. They’re sealed and should never be emptied. It’s simple to plug them in to any computer, with a USB cable to power them and a standard mini jack for the stereo audio.

    Once plugged in, any audio output from the computer (or even a portable audio player) will cause the liquid in the speakers to dance around, just like the actual World of Color fountains. Of course, any audio can be played and enjoyed. The speakers sound better than your average laptop pair. They’re not spectacular, but serve the purpose of cranking up the beat while the tiny fountains dance above.

    If you want to recreate World of Color like I did, you can use the links above to purchase the speakers online.

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