ScribbleMix mobile drawing game released from Disney Interactive adding monstrous character to ‘Draw Something’ competitor

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Disney Interactive has launched its newest mobile game called ScribbleMix, a Pictionary-style competitive game allowing two players to guess each other’s drawings from a series of clues. Released for iOS and Android devices today (with a Windows 8 version on the way soon), ScribbleMix is Disney’s answer to Zynga’s popular “Draw Something” game, adding familiar characters to the mix.

Players receive a phrase to then “scribble” to another player, who will use a set of words to recreate the original phrase.

ScribbleMix is initially launching with characters from the upcoming Pixar film “Monsters University,” featuring phrases from the movie and references to draw characters including Sulley, Mike, and Randall. Other movies and TV shows, released in premium packs, will be available in the future.

Login is easy via Facebook, though there is no playable Facebook version available.

The game was created by Playdom, the mobile gaming company Disney purchased in 2010 for $763.2 million.

ScribbleMix is available today for free from both the Apple and Google Play app stores in an advertising-driven version or a paid $0.99 version can make the ads disappear.

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