Dive into Scrooge McDuck’s famous money bin starting June 7, promoting ‘DuckTales: Remastered’ video game from Capcom

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Beginning June 7 in Los Angeles, fans will have a chance to dive into a life-size recreation of Uncle Scrooge McDuck’s magnificent money bin in celebration of Capcom’s upcoming videogame DuckTales: Remastered.

The photo opportunity will be located at iam8bit Entertainment System in a gallery that will showcase works inspired by videogames from the 1980s, giving “DuckTales” fans a chance to burrowing and swim through Scrooge’s precious money while doing laps and tossing coins into the air.

Hundreds of oversized gold coins and gems will be contained in a 10-by-10 foot structure.

Video: Dive into Scrooge McDuck’s money bin at the iam8bit Entertainment System gallery

The installation is promoting DuckTales: Remastered, which follows the adventures of Scrooge McDuck as he explores differently themed worlds to collect their treasures and become the world’s richest duck, to be released digitally on Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360, PlayStation Network for the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system, and in the Nintendo Wii U eShop this summer.

Show Hours:
Opening Night: Friday, June 7, 7-11 pm
Exhibit to run through June 30*

Regular Hours:
Thursdays: 3-9pm
Fridays: 3-9pm
Saturdays: 1-10pm
Sundays: 12-6pm

*Special E3 Extended Hours:
Tuesday, June 11, 5-9 pm
Wednesday, June 12, 3-9pm

iam8bit Gallery
2147 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026


  1. Eric Ramocki

    I thought it was being released June 7th for a second. Hope footage of this comes out though.

  2. Terry

    I wish I was 8 years old again…

    1. anyomus vistor star-w

      there’s an 8 yaer old inside you, june 7 is the time to leave it unleashed i guess

  3. Jeff Lynch

    I had to read this article three times to figure out what city this was in. Then I finally saw at the very bottom Los Angeles.


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