Walt Disney World celebrates May the 4th with ‘Symphony in the Stars’ fireworks for Limited Time Magic on Star Wars Day

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In celebration of Star Wars Day, May the Fourth 2013, Walt Disney World unleashed a galaxy worth of entertainment at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, home of the popular Star Tours ride.

Though that attraction was reportedly closed for several hours of the day due to technical difficulties (Darth Vader must have been involved somehow), the day packed with character appearances and limited edition merchandise ended with a bang by way of the “Symphony in the Stars” fireworks show set to “Star Wars” music, narrated by Jedi master Yoda himself.

Video: “Symphony in the Stars” fireworks for May the 4th, 2013

Before and after the stellar fireworks display, DJ Lobot spun tunes on a stage in front of the park’s iconic Sorcerer Mickey hat, from dance party standards to remixed “Star Wars” songs, into the late night hours.

When he’s not working for the Empire, DJ Lobot is actually DJ Elliot, who has shared his May the Fourth sets online:

Set 1 (6pm-7pm)

Set 2 (745pm-945pm)

Set 3 (10pm-12pm)

It was all offered for one day only, part of Limited Time Magic. The Fourth, er Force, was strong with this one.

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