VIDEO: New “Planes” trailer lands online from DisneyToon Studios, not Pixar

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A new trailer for Disney’s upcoming “Cars” spin-off “Planes” has finally emerged online, nearly two years after the first was unveiled. Though the film has a distinctly Pixar look, Pixar is not involved in its production. Instead, DisneyToon Studios is responsible for its creation, best known for its direct-to-video sequels of Disney classics.

“Planes” Trailer #2
[Video removed from YouTube by Disney]

UPDATE (2/28/13): Disney had copies of yesterday’s leaked “Planes” trailer removed from YouTube, instead offering this one, which has been around for a while but now features the voice of Dane Cook:

Jon Cryer was originally attached to voice the lead character of Dusty Crophopper, but has now been replaced by comedian Dane Cook.

“Planes” is scheduled to take off in theaters on Aug. 9, 2013.


  1. Fred

    It should also be noted that John Lasseter – (director of Cars and Cars 2, and chief creative officer at both Pixar and Disney Animation) will be the executive producer of Planes.

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